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G-DO & Xception hit your speakers right "Now"

Over the past year G-DO & Xception have been quiet to say the least, but out of nowhere we get a loosie from the duo that lets us know they haven't missed a beat. Check G-DO & Xception doing what they do best on "NOW" and find the lyrics below as well. Stay tuned for new music from G-DO & Xception as they get ready to leave footprints all over 2016. 

Lyrics from Xception:
best believe that I said it, don’t need credit, for, lifting low enriching poor they gifted but missed it I switch the course brick walls, turn to mystic doors with no kicking or four fours, all you hear is bliss so forget it no more, all you fear is history all you need is lips to kiss air to breathe with no war, this is elevation, welcome now awaken, esto es tierra, everything here flies together like feathers, through rain, wind ignorance and change, pain and possession, snow and illusion through time and confessions order and confusion the strength of the truth is fluid, ooh, what is it, maybe it’s a who, who me, you, we, everything everything, diamonds and your wedding ring your hair and your scare in dreams in everyone you meet and every song that you ever sing the better or the worse of the times out of the time into the heart making it start feelin that beat, ba-bump there it is where it lives where we look where we read right on the page or under the book, thundering love flooded in hugs proud, clouds above for miles or kilometers smiles are all around the frowns we don’t need ‘em feed em greetings of peace ‘til they eatin belief jeez, US, what we need what we trust you and me yeah that’s the key, touch, hold it to mold into one let’s grow, never letting go of the whole and that is soul, sold out never the stock is infinite, check your socks it might be stuffed in it, in your shoes dreadlocks your pockets and your spinach, this is no limit and I’m bout it bout that life watch me live it shout it out in mics the gift that I’ve been given and I only want to give it so, if you get it bro, then you helping me complete my path of miracles, here it goes out of spirits to speakers into your ear it flows free in the ether being the seer and we now, live, eyes on the prize fly

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Video: The Soul Travelers "What I Am" @ Sofar Amsterdam

Check out The Soul Travelers acousticly performing "What I Am" for Sofar sessions in Cafe Ruimte in Noord Amsterdam. Sofar knows how to bring together a group of music lovers and those who love to share music, so the vibe was electric. Check the video below (lyrics below the video), listen to some more of Sofar's sounds from around the globe and be sure to find out about the next Soul Traveler's show here. Peace. 

What I Am

written by Donnie Adams

If I could say what I was really feeling you would feel like you had left from this planet and your breath had vanished / expanded to understanding /  a plan perfect to free a stranded seed planted in weed sand and debris damaged indeed but ready to break the surface / simple / singular purpose / reach as high as it can despite the circus in the circuits of man / burning his hand to touch his turn to burn a buck but never he earn enough to affirm his lust for a hologram / a picture that he trust / mental image what it meant to be winning but my luck was broken back in the beginning getting in it for the wrong reasons / but through the wrong I’m seeing / the way glowing like auroras showing solar breezes / what my soul needed / to show me how to plug the holes I should know breathing / breaching my limits letting go of what I know is weaker / it’s in the air the ether / I play the receiver and let it seep from my fingers ‘til it’s complete and it lingers like something sweet the demeanor of dreamers who fiending to sleep be in it deep awake to the day and all that it keeps falling in peace no walls / no streets streaks of the all screech off and reach ya’ll to free ya’ll ‘til we all call the block / a place to raise a child / purple haze of days / finding a smile in this scrimmage of you versus you that never finishes and witnesses / a sad ending to a bad story call it allegory for pain / painted in shades of being a human being that wades in the water / and waits for Valhalla / the author at the altar of experience / impossible to altar Gibraltar with no fear in it / you hearing it but not to / listening but not you / whispering to spirits here and figures that’ll watch you / telling ‘em to trust that we’ll make it together we headed to better or bust we aching but shaking the weather with feathers on our backs we touch / a measure of heaven found resting in the crest of our lust / severed away the desert that begetted our crutch / so we shed for something wetter with the rest of what was setting us up / deaded the shuck confidence is alive / in the eyes of my eyes we all gods all good all hoods ready to rise until we arrive / mind on the job at hand / show my brother the plan to find bliss in the midst of what I am 

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