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Video: Road to Grow - Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie [G-DO & Xception]

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Another capture from Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie aka We're Still Working on a Band Name. Check out Road to Grow, performed and recorded from Caroline's kitchen in Swakop, Namibia. Something is being cooked up with this crew and we're excited to see/hear the rest. 

Video: Minority - Shishani and The Dub Colours

Click to watch Minority by Shishani and The Dub Colours

Shishani is back and this time she's with The Dub Colours ( Vangelis Kalamaras [drums], Emilios Bariabas [bass], and Ernst Vranckx [keys])bringing you a live version of Minority recorded at the incredible Sierra Studios in Athens, Greece. Get to know these folks and stay on the lookout for more videos and releases from Shishani and The Dub Colours. The song is available on iTunes

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Video: A Way Out [Gale Sayers] (Live and Acoustic) w/ Bernt, Donnie, Guido, and Shishani

While on the road throughout Namibia this past December, the crew had to pull over and harmonize with the desert for a little bit. Enjoy the clip below, shot by Mussa Zimba, of Guido, Bernt, Shishani, and Donnie performing Gale Sayers aka A Way Out

Video: G-DO & Xception "Waiting for a King" Acoustic on the Amstel

G-DO & Xception hit the canals on another gezellig summer evening in Amsterdam and caught the acoustic version to Waiting for a King, a great album track from "The Otherside," the fourth LP from G-DO & Xception available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and at Bandcamp for name-your-own-price. Enjoy and share.


Performance: G-DO, Xception, and De Prof rep Goal Music Group @ Live On The Low

G-DO & Xception got things going with a hard hitting set for the packed house, followed by the first performance of G-DO & De Prof's new material, and later Xception joined G-DO again for a second set, turning the heat up a notch in Winston and putting on a great show. Check the video below for a shot of G-DO & Xception getting busy and stay tuned for more footage from the night.


Update: Check out another clip as G-DO & Xception rock the crowd "Followers" from their first tribute to Fela Kuti Felatastic. Enjoy and share.

Shishani - Winner @ Mooie Noten 2013, Amsterdam

From The Namibian

Shishani impressed the jury because of her stage presence and relevant lyrics. As part of the prize, she won €500 for musical instruments from Dijkman Music, and studio time at Jottem Studios, a 10-ride ticket for rehearsal at muzyQ studios, 100 promo CDs from Datamax, €250 credit toward digital distribution through Song Flow, coaching, a radio interview at Radio Mortale and various performances.

Shishani will be heading back to Namibia in September and is currently hard at work on her full length album, while promoting her music around Europe.


Mark Nieuwenhuis "Waantje" - Acoustic Jam in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam

After Shishani and crew treated the crowd to a special performance, the GMG crew and friends found a spot in the sun and the rest will show up here over the next few days. Enjoy this snippet of Mark Nieuwenhuis performing Waantje from his new, self-titled album, Mark Nieuwenhuis out now for preview on Soundcloud and purchase on itunes and a very fresh hard copy (peep below). Enjoy and share. Peace Peace.  

New album from Mark Nieuwenhuis,   Mark Nieuwenhuis

New album from Mark Nieuwenhuis, Mark Nieuwenhuis

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G-DO & Xception perform @ O.V.B Zaandam, NL

G-DO & Xception perform at the Skere Heren album release show @ OVB in Zaandam, NL on June, 28, 2013.

G-DO & Xception performed to a packed house at OVB in Zaandam to celebrate the release of the new Skere Heren album Gebaakken Peren.  Mark Nieuwenhuis was on deck to record the sound and visuals on a great night with the crowd in full effect. Be sure to check out other events at OVB and definitely check for the Skere Heren album, great music! Thanks to OVB, Ania Jaworska (Photography), and the Family for making it another great night. Peace!

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