Video: Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales live in Amsterdam

If you know Shishani, you're familiar with her elastic nature as a musician and her equally diverse expression of that nature. Her latest exploration in creation and exuberant performance comes in the form of Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales, a band with it's roots in the world, formed together with Arifa percussionist Sahin During earlier this year. Watch below for a short and sweet medley of five songs from their June 3rd, live show at Mezrab in Amsterdam with Ana Carla Maza on cello and Debby Korfmacher playing a host of instruments, with the two of them providing back up vocals as well. We're sure this will leave you wanting more, so stay tuned here on GMG, at the band's website, and Shishani's facebook page for all the latest. Now go float away with these incredible musicians. Enjoi!

Posted on July 18, 2015 .

Photos: Kauw get's busy at the HoodStock Block Party

If you haven't caught Kauw, the incredible trio of bass, drums, and key(s) grooving around Amsterdam yet, then be sure to make it a priority because they got IT! Check out some photos of Zubi (bass), Dali (drums), and Boye (keys) rocking with Goal Music Group's Donnie of G-DO & Xception and The Soul Travelers during the HoodStock Block Party recently held in East Amsterdam and follow Kauw on their Facebook page here

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Video: Homeboy Sandman live @ The Melkweg in Amsterdam

I was lucky enough to be on hand as Homeboy Sandman and J-Live brought a flurry of dopeness to The Melkweg in the heart of Amsterdam.  Check below for some footage of the Sandman giving his all into a high-energy performance of "Watchu Want From Me" and "Table Cloth," both performed as a result of crowd requests.  If you haven't already, be sure to check Homeboy Sandman's Hallways and J-Live's His Own Self to stay up on their latest. 

Video: "What Am I To Do" from Nele Needs A Holiday

Another creative set of visuals to accompany the constantly witty, vulnerable, and superbly entertaining music of Nele Needs A Holiday. This time around it's the single, What Am I To Do, from the album It's My Party and it finds Nele going to the altar with wheels on her feet questioning the worth of monogamy. Hit play and get ready to smile and feel like you and your friends just made an awesome song and video for something you've probably talked about a million times before (or just wanted to). Stay up to date with all things Nele over at her Facebook page and cop the new album It's My Party now on iTunes.  

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Video: Check some fresh sHip-Hop from the Woonbootsessies crew

Check the second installment of the Woonbootsessies featuring a fiercely talented crew with Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet, Jur de Vries on guitar, Jack Julian on Moog, and the lyrical mastermind Haas on the mic. Enjoy as these guys create, record, and share a beautiful day's fun. 

Video: Check out "Soleá" - A beautiful journey in Flamenco from GoProject Films

By way of the good folks at KarmaTube, here is Soleá, and well crafted and short piece delving into the powerful force known as Flamenco. Take a break from what you're doing and get a dose of passion from the latest installment of the Global Oneness' Go Project Films.

Video: "Ndapandula" by Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales

Just yesterday we got the premiere of Shishani's new quartet, Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales, by way of the beautiful and thankful "Ndapandula." Check the video below to hear exactly what "an eclectic acoustic band that fuses sounds from different cultures [and] merges black American music traditions with Cuban, African, and European aural flavours" sounds like - you won't be disappointed. You can catch them performing on June 3rd at Mezrab in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Video: The Soul Travelers In-Studio performance at Razo Radio, Amsterdam

The Soul Travelers happily accepted an invitation to The Hip Hop Valley Show on Razo Radio hosted by DJ Sonsy and Robin where they played five songs (Road to Grow, Waiting for a King, Paint a Picture, Gold, and What I Am) live on air. The vibes were great and the hosts were top notch. Check out the video above of the complete performance and a bit of the happy banter. You can track The Soul Travelers tour schedule on BandsinTown and on their Facebook page. Listen, share, and enjoy!

Video: "Paint a Picture" from The Soul Travelers Live @ The Sugar Factory

Check out an up close and personal look as The Soul Travelers took the stage for Spelen de GRAP at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, NL. They guys lay down the funky, crowd-included jam, "Paint a Picture," reminding us "what is written in your heart will paint a picture in your mind." Stay up to date on upcoming shows by following the crew on Facebook and BandsinTown

News: Shishani releasing new album "Sessions in Poland"

Flier by Tanya Turipamwe Stroh for Turipamwe Design!

After touring Europe, Shishani will be back in Namibia briefly to present her latest record “Sessions in Poland.” After spending months in Poland creating new music with Polish producer Tomasz Gwincinski, she will present these songs with talented local musicians. The record includes new singles “Calling You”, “Short Term Vision” and “Lay in The Sun” – which is Shishani’s latest music video featuring the beautiful dancer/choreographer Tulimelila Shityuwete.

If you're in Namibia, you won't want to miss this. Learn more on the Facebook event page here