Album: Chicago to Amsterdam

Artist: G-DO & Xception

Year: 2011

From Uncle Critic

Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO are back with a new EP, one that’s about the places, events, and people. As you can guess the title comes from the places that G-DO & Xception do. The EP came out on Goal! Records in August and is available for free download. If you don’t know about G-DO & Xception, they’re a team that’s putting out some of the best new hip-hop that I’ve heard in years. This EP is a great place to start if you haven’t heard their debut album. And if you have heard the album, I imaging you’ve wanted more G-DO & Xception. The EP features songs as homage to both Chicago and Amsterdam (‘Chicagoing’ and ‘The Damn’). Both are great songs, ‘Chicagoing’ is a perfect choice to start out the EP, I love everything about the song, it might be the best on the album. And ‘The Damn’ is a great bookend to close things out, it picks things up after things start to wind down and leaves you wanting more G-DO & Xception, and as soon as possible. ‘I Still Love H.E.R.’ features the newest member of Goal Music Group, Shishani. The flow on this song is so smooth; this is the type of song you can never skip. ‘Family Matters’ is a great middle song to hold the whole thing together; this is a damn quality song that ranks up there with some of the best songs about family. ‘Timeless’ has Muliplist making an appearance, he showed up on a couple of tracks on the ‘Mood of the Music’ album. I’m glad to have him back because there’s talent that works just right with G-DO & Xception. As you might expect there’s not a bad song on this EP, any fan of hip-hop simply needs to hear this, no excuse not to.