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Video: The Soul Travelers "We Alive" in Koen's Living Room

Come inside today's rehearsal space of The Soul Travelers. With the Mandeiro, Bernt Nellen, away on vacation, The Soul Travelers cooked up this smooth version, of the ever so timely, "We Alive." The song calls for recognition of our unity, freedom, and greatest hopes given the miraculous fact that we are alive. Get comfortable then get inspired to do what you've been waiting to and be who you are. 

NEW ALBUM: "2030" from g-do & xception

Two years since it's completion and countless light years traveled throughout the ether, 2030 is here and ready to serve it's purpose. Using an advanced technology, developed by Himalayan rocket yogis, G-DO & Xception traveled to the year 2030 in search of a funk, feeling, and future where hip hop is essential for moving bodies, uniting life, and lifting minds with every pulse. Vibing in far galaxies, recovering universal jewels of vibration and perspective, upon their return G-DO & Xception went to the lab and grew 2030.

Having observed the intense connection between cultures of the future, the far out, and now, G-DO used the newly discovered discunkture scale to compose a foundation of music that communicates across generations of soulful bounce with hard-hitting drums, spacey funk, and an eclectic palette of galactic sound samples recorded in the Andromeda galaxy. Understanding the language of the music, Xception penned it’s reflection for the conscious comprehension of the listeners. Consequently, his rhymes float through both complex and comfortable flows mirroring the unified diversity and wisdom of timelessness discovered on the journey to 2030.

Coming in at 14 tracks, 2030 is a journey like none other indeed. The album is completely produced by G-DO with features from Goal Music Group family Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet and Shishani bringing some vocals to backup Xception's total hold on the verses from top to bottom. Grab your ticket and come along for the ride, careful though, there's no coming back from here.


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G-DO & Xception hit your speakers right "Now"

Over the past year G-DO & Xception have been quiet to say the least, but out of nowhere we get a loosie from the duo that lets us know they haven't missed a beat. Check G-DO & Xception doing what they do best on "NOW" and find the lyrics below as well. Stay tuned for new music from G-DO & Xception as they get ready to leave footprints all over 2016. 

Lyrics from Xception:
best believe that I said it, don’t need credit, for, lifting low enriching poor they gifted but missed it I switch the course brick walls, turn to mystic doors with no kicking or four fours, all you hear is bliss so forget it no more, all you fear is history all you need is lips to kiss air to breathe with no war, this is elevation, welcome now awaken, esto es tierra, everything here flies together like feathers, through rain, wind ignorance and change, pain and possession, snow and illusion through time and confessions order and confusion the strength of the truth is fluid, ooh, what is it, maybe it’s a who, who me, you, we, everything everything, diamonds and your wedding ring your hair and your scare in dreams in everyone you meet and every song that you ever sing the better or the worse of the times out of the time into the heart making it start feelin that beat, ba-bump there it is where it lives where we look where we read right on the page or under the book, thundering love flooded in hugs proud, clouds above for miles or kilometers smiles are all around the frowns we don’t need ‘em feed em greetings of peace ‘til they eatin belief jeez, US, what we need what we trust you and me yeah that’s the key, touch, hold it to mold into one let’s grow, never letting go of the whole and that is soul, sold out never the stock is infinite, check your socks it might be stuffed in it, in your shoes dreadlocks your pockets and your spinach, this is no limit and I’m bout it bout that life watch me live it shout it out in mics the gift that I’ve been given and I only want to give it so, if you get it bro, then you helping me complete my path of miracles, here it goes out of spirits to speakers into your ear it flows free in the ether being the seer and we now, live, eyes on the prize fly

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Video: Homeboy Sandman live @ The Melkweg in Amsterdam

I was lucky enough to be on hand as Homeboy Sandman and J-Live brought a flurry of dopeness to The Melkweg in the heart of Amsterdam.  Check below for some footage of the Sandman giving his all into a high-energy performance of "Watchu Want From Me" and "Table Cloth," both performed as a result of crowd requests.  If you haven't already, be sure to check Homeboy Sandman's Hallways and J-Live's His Own Self to stay up on their latest. 

Video: Check some fresh sHip-Hop from the Woonbootsessies crew

Check the second installment of the Woonbootsessies featuring a fiercely talented crew with Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet, Jur de Vries on guitar, Jack Julian on Moog, and the lyrical mastermind Haas on the mic. Enjoy as these guys create, record, and share a beautiful day's fun. 

Video: The Soul Travelers In-Studio performance at Razo Radio, Amsterdam

The Soul Travelers happily accepted an invitation to The Hip Hop Valley Show on Razo Radio hosted by DJ Sonsy and Robin where they played five songs (Road to Grow, Waiting for a King, Paint a Picture, Gold, and What I Am) live on air. The vibes were great and the hosts were top notch. Check out the video above of the complete performance and a bit of the happy banter. You can track The Soul Travelers tour schedule on BandsinTown and on their Facebook page. Listen, share, and enjoy!

Video: "Paint a Picture" from The Soul Travelers Live @ The Sugar Factory

Check out an up close and personal look as The Soul Travelers took the stage for Spelen de GRAP at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, NL. They guys lay down the funky, crowd-included jam, "Paint a Picture," reminding us "what is written in your heart will paint a picture in your mind." Stay up to date on upcoming shows by following the crew on Facebook and BandsinTown

Music: New Album "Hermetic Chambers" from G-DO & Xception

A couple of days before the new Wu-Tang album dropped, G-DO was inspired to hit the lab and in two days sent Hermetic Chambers to Xception, at home from Amsterdam visiting Chicago for the holidays. Xception went to work immediately, writing the album from top to bottom in the following two weeks. The result is here for your listening pleasure. 

Cop the new album for name-your-price download over at G-DO & Xception's Bandcamp here or click on the album cover below. 

Audio: New Single "I Wish" from G-DO & Xception

Artwork by Donnie Adams

Artwork by Donnie Adams

"I Wish" is the first single from G-DO & Xception's new album 2030. "I Wish" initiates the listener through a burst of kicks keeping the pace, laced with an eerie bass and graginharp (created in 2022) to create a deep groove of movement and attention. Xception is right there from the first beat almost daring you to come along on the ride. Immediately, his flow hits as hard as the beat, but like the beat, falls into a brooding groove and carries through with a collage of 2030’s trip straight through the end of the track - when the transmutation actually begins. The track is available below, on the G-DO & Xception Bandcamp page, iTunes, and Spotify. Stay tuned here and to the duo's facebook page for more as we move closer to the release of 2030.

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Video: Road to Grow - Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie [G-DO & Xception]

Click above to play.

Another capture from Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie aka We're Still Working on a Band Name. Check out Road to Grow, performed and recorded from Caroline's kitchen in Swakop, Namibia. Something is being cooked up with this crew and we're excited to see/hear the rest.