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Video: A touts les choses by Shakuar (Shishani, Karima, and Jaguar)

Check out the debut single, "A toutes les choses," from the dynamic trio Shakuar. A project years in the making is finally making it to the light. TAKE A RIDE ALONG WITH THE GROOVE OF GEMBRI, guitar, THE EASE OF ANGELS SINGING, AND THE RHYTHM OF beats and LIFE GUIDING THE WAY. Check out the stunning visuals of a journey into everything as Shakuar present an arising of vibes, which in writing may seem like they don't belong together, but in sound, you'll wonder why you haven't heard this before. Stay up-to-date with all things Shakuar over at their Facebook page and enjoy the music! Peace. 

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NEW ALBUM: "2030" from g-do & xception

Two years since it's completion and countless light years traveled throughout the ether, 2030 is here and ready to serve it's purpose. Using an advanced technology, developed by Himalayan rocket yogis, G-DO & Xception traveled to the year 2030 in search of a funk, feeling, and future where hip hop is essential for moving bodies, uniting life, and lifting minds with every pulse. Vibing in far galaxies, recovering universal jewels of vibration and perspective, upon their return G-DO & Xception went to the lab and grew 2030.

Having observed the intense connection between cultures of the future, the far out, and now, G-DO used the newly discovered discunkture scale to compose a foundation of music that communicates across generations of soulful bounce with hard-hitting drums, spacey funk, and an eclectic palette of galactic sound samples recorded in the Andromeda galaxy. Understanding the language of the music, Xception penned it’s reflection for the conscious comprehension of the listeners. Consequently, his rhymes float through both complex and comfortable flows mirroring the unified diversity and wisdom of timelessness discovered on the journey to 2030.

Coming in at 14 tracks, 2030 is a journey like none other indeed. The album is completely produced by G-DO with features from Goal Music Group family Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet and Shishani bringing some vocals to backup Xception's total hold on the verses from top to bottom. Grab your ticket and come along for the ride, careful though, there's no coming back from here.


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Video: "Ndapandula" by Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales

Just yesterday we got the premiere of Shishani's new quartet, Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales, by way of the beautiful and thankful "Ndapandula." Check the video below to hear exactly what "an eclectic acoustic band that fuses sounds from different cultures [and] merges black American music traditions with Cuban, African, and European aural flavours" sounds like - you won't be disappointed. You can catch them performing on June 3rd at Mezrab in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

News: Shishani releasing new album "Sessions in Poland"

Flier by Tanya Turipamwe Stroh for Turipamwe Design!

After touring Europe, Shishani will be back in Namibia briefly to present her latest record “Sessions in Poland.” After spending months in Poland creating new music with Polish producer Tomasz Gwincinski, she will present these songs with talented local musicians. The record includes new singles “Calling You”, “Short Term Vision” and “Lay in The Sun” – which is Shishani’s latest music video featuring the beautiful dancer/choreographer Tulimelila Shityuwete.

If you're in Namibia, you won't want to miss this. Learn more on the Facebook event page here

Video: Road to Grow - Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie [G-DO & Xception]

Click above to play.

Another capture from Shishani, Bernt, Guido, and Donnie aka We're Still Working on a Band Name. Check out Road to Grow, performed and recorded from Caroline's kitchen in Swakop, Namibia. Something is being cooked up with this crew and we're excited to see/hear the rest. 

Video: Minority - Shishani and The Dub Colours

Click to watch Minority by Shishani and The Dub Colours

Shishani is back and this time she's with The Dub Colours ( Vangelis Kalamaras [drums], Emilios Bariabas [bass], and Ernst Vranckx [keys])bringing you a live version of Minority recorded at the incredible Sierra Studios in Athens, Greece. Get to know these folks and stay on the lookout for more videos and releases from Shishani and The Dub Colours. The song is available on iTunes

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Video: A Way Out [Gale Sayers] (Live and Acoustic) w/ Bernt, Donnie, Guido, and Shishani

While on the road throughout Namibia this past December, the crew had to pull over and harmonize with the desert for a little bit. Enjoy the clip below, shot by Mussa Zimba, of Guido, Bernt, Shishani, and Donnie performing Gale Sayers aka A Way Out

New EP "Prem" from G-DO & Xception

Click Image, or  HERE , for download.

Click Image, or HERE, for download.

Fresh off the presses, G-DO & Xception drop an EP complete with love - Prem. The 17 minute journey into the intricacies and intimacies of that mystical feeling takes you through a fresh compilation of soul and something else from G-DO, while Xception is pouring out his heart through poetics carefully crafted around G-DO's diverse scape of bounce. Enjoy and snatch it for name-your-price download at Bandcamp or below.

Click Image, or  HERE , for download.

Click Image, or HERE, for download.

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Shishani - Winner @ Mooie Noten 2013, Amsterdam

From The Namibian

Shishani impressed the jury because of her stage presence and relevant lyrics. As part of the prize, she won €500 for musical instruments from Dijkman Music, and studio time at Jottem Studios, a 10-ride ticket for rehearsal at muzyQ studios, 100 promo CDs from Datamax, €250 credit toward digital distribution through Song Flow, coaching, a radio interview at Radio Mortale and various performances.

Shishani will be heading back to Namibia in September and is currently hard at work on her full length album, while promoting her music around Europe.