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Video: A touts les choses by Shakuar (Shishani, Karima, and Jaguar)

Check out the debut single, "A toutes les choses," from the dynamic trio Shakuar. A project years in the making is finally making it to the light. TAKE A RIDE ALONG WITH THE GROOVE OF GEMBRI, guitar, THE EASE OF ANGELS SINGING, AND THE RHYTHM OF beats and LIFE GUIDING THE WAY. Check out the stunning visuals of a journey into everything as Shakuar present an arising of vibes, which in writing may seem like they don't belong together, but in sound, you'll wonder why you haven't heard this before. Stay up-to-date with all things Shakuar over at their Facebook page and enjoy the music! Peace. 

Posted on October 2, 2016 and filed under Video, Music.

Video: "Ndapandula" by Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales

Just yesterday we got the premiere of Shishani's new quartet, Shishani & The Afro Namibian Tales, by way of the beautiful and thankful "Ndapandula." Check the video below to hear exactly what "an eclectic acoustic band that fuses sounds from different cultures [and] merges black American music traditions with Cuban, African, and European aural flavours" sounds like - you won't be disappointed. You can catch them performing on June 3rd at Mezrab in Amsterdam. Enjoy!