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G-DO & Xception perform @ O.V.B Zaandam, NL

G-DO & Xception perform at the Skere Heren album release show @ OVB in Zaandam, NL on June, 28, 2013.

G-DO & Xception performed to a packed house at OVB in Zaandam to celebrate the release of the new Skere Heren album Gebaakken Peren.  Mark Nieuwenhuis was on deck to record the sound and visuals on a great night with the crowd in full effect. Be sure to check out other events at OVB and definitely check for the Skere Heren album, great music! Thanks to OVB, Ania Jaworska (Photography), and the Family for making it another great night. Peace!

Posted on June 29, 2013 and filed under Performance.