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"A Tribute to Fela Kuti: Felatastic" New Album from G-DO & Xception

Click the Cover to Download the Entire Album for Free

Click the Cover to Download the Entire Album for Free

Press Release ‘G-DO & Xception –A Tribute to Fela Kuti: Felatastic’ (Goal! Records)

On 22 April 2011, Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO will release their new album ‘Felatastic: A Tribute to Fela Kuti’ on Goal Records. As the title suggests, this album is a tribute to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the legendary Nigerian musician and composer, pioneer of Afrobeat music, and human rights activist. What started out as one song in the spirit of Fela Kuti for the new G-DO & Xception album ‘Sankofa’ (to be released summer 2011), soon turned into a full ten song-tribute album. The bridge between G-DO & Xception and Fela Kuti had been established a long time ago, so making this tribute album was a spontaneous process as they found themselves possessed by the ‘spirit of the shrine.’

The first single ‘Followers’ and accompanying B-side ‘We Love Music’ are now available for free download and listening at or The follow up single ‘The Revolutionist’ has also just been released and is available for free download at the same location.

‘Felatastic: A Tribute to Fela Kuti’ is the second album from G-DO & Xception, following their critically acclaimed debut album Mood of the Music, released on 26 July 2010 on Goal Records. Although their debut album went largely unnoticed by mainstream media, Mood of the Music was praised by critics, calling it:

“Most definitely one of the nicest indie albums I’ve heard so far this year” (

“…Smooth instrumentals, intelligent lyricism, and great quality music” (

“Really a great album from top to bottom, all the beats are great, the lyrics and flow is also top notch. I’m really amazed this is their first release, this really has the top quality of something more mature” (

Xception’s rhyming combines a Chicago flavor with introspective lyrics and clever wordplay, while G-DO creates musical landscapes that are a combination of funky, jazzy sounds combined with hard-hitting drums and live instrumentation.

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