Album: Sankofa

Artist: G-DO & Xception

Year: 2011

Sankofa, from the Akan language of Ghana, means to go back and fetch it. On this project we went back into our long relationship with Hip Hop and returned with something that reminded us of back then, but was clearly showing a path forward. Sankofa is laced with the jazz of Digable Planets, the soul of Slum Village, and drums that would make Primo proud. In the end though, the unique body of work that is Sankofa is a result of G-DO's combining of these sounds in a way that alludes to the work of Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, and the like, but with the unexpectedness of some of Dilla and RZA's best work. This elaborate canvas is met with an equal amount of meticulously crafted lyricism by Xception, running the gamut from nearly abstract prose on tracks like "Yesternowrrow," rapid fire politrickery exposing on "Dirty Money," to a perfectly soft ode to women making it through the most intense of struggles. G-DO & Xception formed like Voltron (and with only two pieces), bringing Sankofa into the realm of titans such as Blowout Comb, One Day It'll All Make Sense, and Things Fall Apart. 



"Original beats, lyrics and flows on “SANKOFA”. Don’t sleep on this one ya’ll, 13 tracks of continuous goodness." - J. @ Word is Bond

"G-DO & Xception are back with their third album called ‘Sankofa’ and it’s fucking awesome. What you’ve got here is a fourteen track masterpiece. These songs flow so smooth you can lose yourself in the album before you even know it. Everything is on point here, the beats, the lyrics, fucking everything! G-DO & Xception is one of the best things going in hip-hop right now and they continue proving it, ‘Sankofa’ is just the latest fact to back that up. Anyone that likes great hip-hop needs to get into this right now."- Uncle Critic